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We create
Training Data.

Our human workforce empowers your AI Projects with the data processing you always needed

Data labeling cars in traffic

Trusted Labeled Data at Scale

Training data that enables AI

Our services

Our team makes it easier for you to focus on training your Data Pipelines and bringing your Machine Learning models to production faster than ever before. We build reliable and trusted data sets for whatever needs your project has. Delivered by human-in-the-loop experts and years of experience.


We continually train, improve and evaluate our talent. Our proven way of working provides a top of the class workforce enabling you to always get laser-cutting accuracy and the best quality data sets for your projects.


We have a proven delivery model that continually delivers quality data in speed and with scale.


Our large pool of skilled talent enables us to scale with your needs. With deep experience from recruiting and planning for a variety of Use Cases, we can set up new projects for all types of cases.

Extend your team

Our talented workforce can help you with all types of use cases, from simple to complex. Let us create data sets while your Machine Learning Engineers focus on developing and deploying Data Pipelines and AI Models.


We know that data is your most valuable asset. We offer many secure solutions, from on-premises to secure remote contractors.

Use any app

Our team can handle any software that you use, ensuring that you always can use the right tool.

Zentosa is proud to be recognized as a Trusted Startup within AI in Sweden and Europe. AI Sweden, Ignite Sweden and RISE are responsible for the landscape, which is co-funded by Vinnova – Sweden’s innovation agency. The AI landscape was first presented on November 17, 2020. Read more: Swedish AI Startup Landscape

Zentosa is also part of the NVIDIA Inception Program, an accelerator for startups within AI and data science that provides critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. Read more: NVIDIA Inception Program