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Smart warehouse management system

Retail Automation

With Retail and E-Commerce Automation you can easily improve your customers’ shopping experience. Deploy your AI models to market faster than ever before by letting Zentosa deliver high-quality training data.

Data Analytics

Make the retail experience of your website more relevant and convenient through data-driven analytics. Understand what your customers’ are looking for before they search for it.

Computer Vision

Zentosa helps our clients to deploy solutions with Computer Vision that recognize images and videos, such as identifying product details and generating a relevant text. All done through high-quality labeled data.


Enable a personalized shopping experience and increase sales through converstion rates. Increase average sales order values and revenue for your data driven E-commerce business. 

Social Media Analytics

Our services range from quickly finding social media posts for Social Media Data Collection to performing Sentiment Analysis that can give feedback on your social media interactions such as new posts. Zentosa also helps train chatbots on Social Media platforms.

Semantics and Search

Zentosa helps you get better data that enables relevant searches, improved product details and a tailored shopping experience for your customers.


We are experts in training and improving chatbots. Implementing a chatbot in your social media account or on your website. A well-trained chatbot can quickly and automatically help your customers’ leading to decreased costs for human interaction and an improved ROI.

Let Zentosa assist your Retail Automation projects

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