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Data labeling cars in traffic


Self-driving cars, Driverless cars or Autonomous Vehicles (AV)  are the new way of transporting people and freight in an automated and safe manner. To be able to build and deploy models for automated vechicles labeled and annotated training data is needed. Zentosa’s team of experts can help you get high-quality training data for your AI Transportation algorithms.

Computer Vision

Zentosa provides annotation of images, videos and LiDAR or 3D. We can detect objects and tag them with boxes, polygons.

Spatial Object Detection

Our team are experts in detecting and tracking traffic signs, vehicles, pedestrians, lanes and other objects that are needed for self-driving vehicles.


Through Temporal Segmentation we can identify and classify vehicles events, such as if they are moving, parked, changing lanes, heading northbound.

Voice and speech recognition

Cars now have advanced infotainment systems that include voice and speech recognition for easier control. We can help train and improve your models by audio collection, segmentation and audio transcription.

Training Data for Autonomous Transportation

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